The Energy Museum Collection Storages in Riga - Andrejsala, 19 Andrejostas Street, hold more than 30,000 artefacts of the history of the Latvian energy industry and the history of the Latvenergo Group. Visitors can see the originals of the extensive collection of Eduards Kraucs’ (1898-1977) glass plate photo negatives included in the Latvian National Register of the UNESCO Memory of the World Programme, documenting the construction of Ķegums Hydropower Plant from 1936-1940.

The Collection Storages hold a variety of electricians’ tools, various measuring devices and meters, including electricity meters made by VEF factory. A wide collection of insulators is on display, with the most interesting items being the high-voltage insulators manufactured at the Kuznetsov porcelain and earthenware factory in Riga, which are more than 100 years old. Also on display are the blueprints for Riga City Power Plant (Andrejsala) and the city electricity network, which were once drafted at the Technical Office of the famous German engineer Oscar von Miller (1855-1934) in Munich, Germany, in 1902-1903.

The Collection Storages also house a collection of household appliances, featuring retro electrical appliances such as the Riga-60 washing machine, hair dryers, radios, vacuum cleaners, mixers from the Straume factory, coffee grinders and electric irons.


Collection Storages of Energy Museum are not available.


Andrejostas street 19, Rīga, LV-1045



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