Raising public awareness on electrical safety

Raising public awareness on electrical safety is one of the corporate social responsibility priorities of the Group’s company Sadales tīkls AS. Every year, in cooperation with educational institutions and experts, a number of projects related to electrical safety of children and youth are implemented, in order to decrease the number of electrical injuries due to insufficient knowledge. Particular attention is paid to the level of knowledge of each age group. Sadales tīkls AS also educates people engaged in economic activities, logging and agricultural works, reminding and encouraging them to take care of their own safety and of those surrounding them, and to comply with electrical safety rules when working near electricity lines.

More information available on  Sadales tīkls AS website.

Science and education

Expressing its interest in preparation of qualified graduates and being aware of the importance of applied research in promoting energy sector development and creating an innovative environment, Latvenergo Group, in cooperation with the Latvian Academy of Sciences and higher educational institutions, regularly participates in various projects to promote science and education.

Facilitating development of science and education in the energy sector, the following tasks are being implemented:

  • to promote young people’s interest in science-related subjects and engineering professions;
  • to support young people’s excellence in the field of sciences;
  • to improve the training materials for teachers;
  • to support scientific work of researchers and teachers in the field of energy;
  • to educate about energy efficiency issues.

Information on donations for development of science and education is available in section Donations.

FIZMIX Eksperiments

This is the 29th year in a row that Latvenergo Group has organised the erudition contest FIZMIX Eksperiments for pupils in forms 8 and 9. The aim of the contest is to stimulate young people’s interest in the exact sciences, to offer an attractive insight into how theoretical knowledge can be used in practice, to trigger curiosity for choosing an engineering profession, as well as to raise awareness about the energy industry.

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The physics portal FIZMIX

The physics portal www.fizmix.lv is the first portal in Latvia targeted at late primary and secondary school pupils. Its primary goal is to rouse and capture visitors’ interest in physics. The content offered by FIZMIX is different from other educational portals in Latvia – it includes interactive solutions and video experiments which readers themselves can also send in. The portal was developed by Latvenergo AS in cooperation with educational institution teaching staff, physics practitioners and students.

Raising Awareness on Energy Efficiency

For the last 20 years, the Elektrum Energy Efficiency Centre has provided free of charge information about energy efficiency in the form of lectures, seminars, excursions and consultations on efficient use of energy in households and in business, on the most recent electric appliances, as well as on selection criteria and energy-efficient use thereof.

Please, find more information Elektrum portal


The production of electricity and thermal energy and the provision of a distribution service are linked to activities that have an impact on the environment. The Latvenergo Group, which cares about the environment, which it will leave for our future generations, continuously improves its environmental performance by eliminating or reducing environmental impacts, using natural resources soundly and operating technological equipment effectively in all areas of the Latvenergo Group.  

You can get detailed information about Environmental Protection within the Group here.

Energy heritage

The Energy Museum raises public awareness of the energy industry of Latvia and Latvenergo Group as well as stimulates young people’s interest in exact subjects and engineering professions. In accordance with good corporate social responsibility practices of international energy suppliers, the museum documents and promotes the energy heritage recognised in Latvia and internationally and preserves it for the future.

The Energy Museum has the status of a state-accredited museum, which confirms its compliance with the laws and regulations governing the Latvian museum sector and its ability to ensure the sustainable conservation of the energy heritage. 

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