Educational session "Latvenergo 85"

The session is aimed at 9th–12th-grade pupils, students and other stakeholders.

The most important events in the energy sector will be explored during the session – from the beginnings of the industry in the late 19th century to the growth of Latvenergo Group into one of the largest energy supply service providers in the Baltic states. As part of the session, participants will create a timeline of energy sector development.

Educational activity “Get to Know Electricity”

Classes for students of 1st to 5th grade

Students will explore electricity from ancient Greek experiments to the production of environmentally friendly energy today, and learn how a power plant works. In the classes, we will discuss electrical safety issues. In the practical activity "Light a light bulb!", pupils will develop their research skills and cooperation.

Environmentally Friendly Energy Class

This class is for pupils in form 7–9

The class will promote research skills and creative learning. Pupils will be given worksheets and do research work on the types of electricity generation, the resources used and their benefits. By discussing what they have researched, they will also learn about climate neutrality and the contribution of Latvenergo AS to it.

Educational activity "How Latvenergo Hydropower Plants were Built"

The lesson is intended for pupils in grades 6 to 12, university and college students, and other interested persons.

The educational activity provides a general insight into the beginnings of hydropower engineering in Latvia and how the Ķegums, Plavinas and Riga Hydropower Plants were built. As part of the activity we offer to watch the video How Ķegums Power Plant Was Constructed. The Memories of Kārlis Dumbrājs or newsreel fragments showing the construction of the Daugava hydropower plants.

UNESCO Collection

The lesson is intended for pupils in grades 5 to 12, university and college students, and other interested persons.

This activity provides an extensive insight into the construction of the Ķegums Hydropower Plant, documented in photographs and newsreels by Eduards Kraucs (1898-1977). To promote awareness of photographs as witnesses of historical events, the participants of the activity learn how to discern a variety of information in an antiquated photograph. The lesson is included in the programme Latvian School Bag.

Educational activity “Expedition in the Energy Museum”

The activity is intended for families with children and pupils of grades 1–9.

As part of the activity, the participants will go on a short, guided tour of the museum. After that, they will receive expedition worksheets with questions about energy heritage, industry development and energy generation at Latvenergo AS. The most successful participants will be treated to a surprise! The expedition will be both an educational adventure in the museum and a fun time spent with family or classmates!

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