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Latvenergo Group is one of the largest electricity traders in the Baltic states; it trades electricity and natural gas as well as an extensive range of related products and services under the Elektrum brand.

In 2020, the Group’s market share accounted for 23% of the Baltic electricity market, where the total consumption is around 27.4 TWh, a decrease of approximately 2.4% compared to 2019. This was mainly affected by warmer weather conditions, as well as COVID-19 restriction measures and their impact on the Baltic economy.

6.4 TWh of electricity were sold to retail customers in the Baltics in the reporting year. The Group has strengthened its position in the Baltic household and micro-business customer segment and prepared for the partial opening of the Lithuanian household market to free competition in early 2021. By the end of the reporting year, more than 13,000 trade agreements were concluded in this segment. The Group has 743.7 thousand electricity customers in the Baltics, of which 5% are business segment customers and 95% are households. The number of customers outside Latvia amounts to almost 50 thousand.

In 2020, 516 GWh of natural gas was sold to customers, which is almost twice as much as in 2019. The Group has 13.5 thousand natural gas customers in the Baltics, of which 10% are business segment customers and 90% are households. 

In Lithuania and Estonia, natural gas is sold only to business customers, and approximately 1/3 of customers in this segment are outside Latvia.

Sales of other retail products and services were developed in the reporting period:

  • More than 600 new solar panel sales contracts were signed in the Baltics, which is almost twice as many as in 2019. The total capacity of solar panels installed for customers reached 6.3 MW, which makes Latvenergo one of the leading providers of this service in the Baltics. 79% of the total capacity is installed for customers outside Latvia.
  • The construction of two Elektrum solar panel parks with a total capacity of 1.75 MW started in Lithuania and Estonia. Approximately 4,400 solar panels will be installed in Klaipeda district, Lithuania, and 1,000 panels will be installed in Marjamaa municipality, Estonia. Lithuanian household customers will be able to purchase the capacity installed at the Lithuanian solar park within the remote net payment system. The customer will be able to purchase a part of this capacity and attribute the amount of electricity it produces to consumption on their own property on the same terms as if the solar panels were actually installed there. Both parks are expected to be commissioned in early 2021.
  • The product range of the online shop elektrumveikals.lv has been expanded – the shop now offers electric bicycles, electric car charging systems, solar garden lighting, and robotic lawn mowers and vacuum cleaners.
  • Development of the electric car charging network continued as well. With 36 charging ports at the end of 2020, Elektrum is one of the largest electric car charging networks in Latvia. Some charging ports have been installed together with cooperation partners. Since the launch of the network in August 2019, Elektrum mobile app customers have made more than 8,000 charges at public charging stations in the amount of approximately 120 MWh, providing for kilometrage of more than half a million km.

Sources of electricity delivered to final consumers in 2020 (% of the portfolio)

Total amount of electricity delivered to final consumers (by energy source)

CO2 emission intensity per unit of electricity delivered to final consumers in 2020

  • 0.09 kg
    CO2/per kilowatt hour (kWh)
  • 0.09 t
    CO2/per megawatt hour (MWh)
  • 90 t
    CO2/per gigawatt hour (GWh)
Sources of the natural gas supplied to final consumers in 2021 (% of the portfolio)
Total amount of natural gas supplied to final consumers, purchased in Latvia

Latvenergo does not have information on the countries of origin of the purchased natural gas

Questions and complaints regarding electricity and natural gas related products and services can be submitted to the Latvenergo AS customer service via phone, e-mail or by sending a letter. Answers are provided within 15 days, or within 30 days if there is a need for additional controls or other significant information. Disputes that have arisen between a customer and Latvenergo AS during the contract period and that cannot be settled by mutual agreement are to be reviewed in accordance with the law in a court of general jurisdiction.

For more information on products and services, see the Elektrum portal


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