The first Elektrum solar park in Lithuania has opened

The first solar park in Lithuania has been commissioned as Elektrum is expanding its activities outside Latvia. The 3-hectare park is located in Klaipeda District and has a capacity of 1.5 MW (megawatts). This is the first green energy generation project in Lithuania by Elektrum, which is one of the leading solar panel traders in the Baltics. Therefore, this is an important step in the expansion of Latvenergo Group’s activities into neighbouring countries and a substantial contribution to the possibilities for green energy generation. 

The first solar park in Lithuania developed by the Latvenergo AS trade brand Elektrum Lietuva and located on the coast of Klaipeda District is starting supplying electricity generated by sun. Its area is 3 hectares, the installed capacity reaches 1.5 MW. Since the solar park is located only 13 kilometres from the coast, which stands out with high intensity of sun rays, one kilowatt of the park is expected to generate around 1100 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity during the year. This is the first project of this kind, but Elektrum Lietuva has other not less ambitious goals in the field of solar parks.

“We use the best – hydro and solar energy – in our operations. Being one of the leading suppliers of solar energy services in the Baltic States, we will further develop this service by expanding our presence in neighbouring countries. By commissioning the solar park, we are already proud of the electricity generated in our solar parks along with the green energy generated in our hydropower plants. For Lithuania, Latvia and also Estonia, where an Elektrum solar park will also be opened soon, this is an equally important step in the generation of green energy, which is the cornerstone of future energy,” says Uldis Mucinieks, Chief Commercial Officer of Latvenergo AS.

The solar park is the first local green energy generation project in Lithuania. According to Martynas Giga, Managing Director of Elektrum Lietuva: “By contributing to the diversification of the Group’s generation portfolio, we aim to make green electricity in Lithuania a usual daily product, which will also contribute to the European Union’s efforts to mitigate climate change.”

The solar park is designed to generate electricity for users. These may be individuals and households, companies or public authorities. The customers of the Elektrum Lietuva solar park include administrations of the Aukštaitija National Park, the Labanoras Regional Park, as well as the Curonian Spit National Park, demonstrating the synergies between nature and energy.

The solar park uses solar panels of Canadian Solar, Canada-based world leader in solar panel manufacturing. Martynas Giga tells about the selection of a place and technology for the solar park: “We had the opportunity to choose the most economically efficient location of the solar park, and we installed it near the sea, where there is most of sun. However, when selecting the most modern panels, the final amount of electricity generated will still largely depend on the weather. In addition, knowing that voltage converters, also known as inverters, are part of the equipment that is the fastest to deteriorate, we provided it with a twenty-year warrantee. This means that park’s customers will be protected against potential additional expenses.”

Latvenergo Group is a leader in the generation of green energy in the Baltic States. Elektrum Lietuva serves more than 18 thousand household electricity users, as well as works with 8.5 thousand business customers.

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