The Annual Shareholders' Meeting of Latvenergo AS has been convened

Latvenergo AS informs that on 12 May 2021 at 10.00 at the premises of Latvenergo AS at Pulkveža Brieža Street 12, Riga, the Annual Shareholders' Meeting of Latvenergo AS has been convened. Meeting will be organized by using remote connection options. The following items are included in the agenda of the meeting:

1. On approval of the Latvenergo AS Annual Report 2020 and Latvenergo Consolidated Annual Report 2020.

2. On distribution of the profit of Latvenergo AS for the year 2020.

3. On auditor of Latvenergo AS reports for the year 2021.

4. On evaluation of average number of employees and financial indicators of Latvenergo AS and allocation to the respective group of public capital companies.

5. On increase of the share capital of Latvenergo AS, amendments to the Articles of Association of Latvenergo AS and approval of the Articles of Association in a new wording.

6. On Latvenergo AS bonds.