Decisions of the Shareholder's Meeting of Elektrum Lietuva UAB

According to the Shareholder's Meeting decision, Elektrum Lietuva UAB has a three-member board, which will ensure the implementation of the company's development strategy. The Board will be chaired by Martynas Giga, Head of Elektrum Lietuva. Martynas Giga will lead the new board and carry the responsibility for strategic investment projects, business development, and corporate clients. Another member of the Board of Elektrum Lietuva UAB will be Andrius Bičkauskas, the company's Chief Financial Officer, who will be in charge of financial management, investments and financing. Neringa Petrauskienė, the company's head of marketing and product development, will also serve on the board, overseeing the company's retail business - improving the customer experience, sales, product development and marketing.

The Shareholder's Meeting of Elektrum Lietuva UAB also decided to increase the share capital of Elektrum Lietuva UAB by 502 186 EUR. After the increase, the share capital of Elektum Lietuva UAB will constitute 600 650 EUR.