Decisions of the Shareholder’s Meeting of Latvenergo AS

On 1 April this year, a Shareholder’s Meeting of Latvenergo AS was held at which the report of Latvenergo AS on the progress of the joint wind farm project with Latvijas valsts meži AS was reviewed.

Previously published information on this subject is available here.

In addition, the Shareholders' Meeting took note of the information on the issue of debt securities (bonds).

In April last year, the third programme for the issuance of notes of Latvenergo AS in the amount of EUR 200 million was approved, under which green bonds in the amount of EUR 50 million at nominal value were issued in May last year. The bond issues are planned to continue.

The holder of all Latvenergo AS capital shares is the Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Latvia, whose interests at the Shareholder's Meeting are represented by the State Secretary of the Ministry of Economics or by his authorized representative. The decisions of the Shareholder's Meeting were adopted unanimously.