Latvenergo AS publishes an informative presentation about Latvenergo Group

Latvenergo AS has prepared and publishes an informative presentation about Latvenergo Group, providing current information about the organizational structure, strategy, operating segments and financial indicators of the Group.

In 2021, Latvenergo Group was the leader in green energy generation in the Baltics, and its output accounted for 29% of the total electricity output in the Baltic states. 59% of it was generated using renewable energy sources.

In 2021, Latvenergo Group was represented in all energy trade segments in Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. Electricity supplied outside Latvia accounted for approximately 40% of the overall amount of electricity supplied to end consumers.

The year has been particularly successful in the sale of solar panels - compared to 2020, the number of contracts for the installation of solar panels and sale of solar park shares in the Baltics increased more than two times. The total capacity of solar panels installed for retail customers of Latvenergo Group already reached almost 11 MW, which makes Latvenergo one of the leading providers of this service in the Baltics.

In 2021, the target set at the beginning of the year for the number of electric car charging ports has been reached - the Elektrum charging network consisted of 90 ports, and the number of charges made at public charging stations by customers of the mobile application increased by 50.

In 2021, the Latvenergo Group's Medium-Term Strategy for 2022–2026 with new strategic targets was developed. It was approved on 30 March 2022. The growth strategy is focused on expanding the Group's operations and leading the development of renewable energy.

In the reporting year, Latvenergo Group was the most valuable company in Latvia for the 14th time. In the Sustainability Index of 2021, Latvenergo AS was recognised as the most sustainable company in Latvia, as well as for the ninth year in a row, Latvenergo AS received the Platinum category from the Sustainability Index.

Presentation about Latvenergo Group 2021