Latvenergo repeatedly receives the award for Best Investor Relations

Latvenergo AS for the third time has won the award for the best investor relations among all bond issuers on the Nasdaq Baltic regulated markets in the Baltic countries. Since 2012, the bonds have been issued with consistently high investor valuations.

The green bonds issued by Latvenergo are an investment in sustainability and growth as the Group embarks on new and ambitious renewable energy projects. Transparent, detailed and timely information on all aspects of the company's operations is Latvenergo's assurance to investors of best corporate practice, both in its current relations and as a benchmark for future growth.

Guntars Balčūns, Member of the Management Board of Latvenergo AS: “With the new operational strategy, our company is now entering a very ambitious and challenging period characterised by the keyword growth. During the implementation of the strategy, Latvenergo Group must become a leading provider of sustainable solutions in the energy sector. This path means investing heavily in renewable energy plants, and this is the path we are taking together with our investors. We are committed to making a significant contribution to Latvia's green goals by expanding and diversifying our generation portfolio with advanced green technologies, developing large capacity wind farms, reconstructing our hydropower plants, reducing the country's energy dependence and moving towards pan-European climate neutrality, and Latvenergo Group will continue to raise funds on the capital markets for this purpose.

The Latvenergo team has a strong commitment to sustainability, because the benefits of working together as a team are for our society, security and country – values that take on new meaning in the shadow of the war in Ukraine. So once again, thank you for your appreciation and trust.”

The award is part of the second annual Nasdaq Baltic Awards which celebrate outstanding achievements by Nasdaq Baltic-listed companies in the areas of transparency, sound corporate governance and investor relations.

Latvenergo was last awarded with the award for Best Investor Relations in 2021.

Latvenergo AS started issuing bonds at the end of 2012, issuing green bonds for the first time in 2015. The issuance of the green bonds demonstrates the sustainability of the Group's operations and Latvenergo's generation portfolio is one of the greenest in Europe, with a significantly lower CO2 emissions intensity than the sector average.