On Audit Committee of Latvenergo AS

On 19 June this year, at the Shareholders' Meeting of Latvenergo AS, the Audit Committee, consisting of Torben Pedersen, Svens Dinsdorfs, Marita Salgrāve, Renārs Degro and Kristaps Stepanovs, was elected for a three-year term of office.

Torben Pedersen, Svens Dinsdorfs and Marita Salgrāve are independent Members of the Audit Committee and had also worked in the previous composition of the Audit Committee, while Renārs Degro and Kristaps Stepanovs were Members of the Supervisory Board elected on June 19 this year.

Renārs Degro and Kristaps Stepanovs have submitted resignation letters, therefore, the Audit Committee of Latvenergo AS continues its operations with three members.

As we have informed earlier, at the moment, the Ministry of Economics has initiated a procedure for selection of new Supervisory Board members in order to appoint the new Supervisory Board in accordance with legal regulations and good corporate governance practice as soon as possible.