Latvenergo AS publishes an informative presentation about Latvenergo Group

Latvenergo AS has prepared and publishes an informative presentation about Latvenergo Group, providing current information about the organizational structure, strategy, operating segments and financial indicators of the Group.

In 2018, in dry and hot weather conditions in Europe, which caused an unexpected rise in electricity prices, the Group efficiently used the advantages of its diversified generation facilities, generating the largest amount of electricity at Latvenergo AS combined heat and power plants since 1990.

In 2018, Latvenergo Group was one of the leading energy traders in the Baltic states. The start of natural gas trade in Lithuania in October 2018 means that Latvenergo now operates in all energy market segments in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

Latvenergo continuously develops new business areas and services, and the latest Elektrum service is the sale of natural gas to Latvian households from February 2019. The company continues to efficiently develop its operations in the Baltic states by offering its customers Elektrum Solārais (Elektrum Solar) and Elektrum Viedā māja (Elektrum Smart House) products.

In 2018, Latvenergo Group was the most valuable energy company in the Baltics, with the value of its assets amounting to EUR 3.8 billion at the end of the year. For the sixth year in a row, Latvenergo AS received the Platinum category from the Sustainability Index along with the highest overall assessment in the history of its participation.

Presentation is available here.