Latvenergo AS receives the Platinum category of the Sustainability Index

During the closing ceremony of the Sustainability Index 2018 held on 14 June, Latvenergo AS received the Platinum (highest) category from the Sustainability Index for the sixth consecutive year. This is the assessment of the company’s sustainability in all aspects of corporate social responsibility, based on international requirements. The factors that contributed to this ranking includeconsiderate investment in the upgrading of energy generation facilities, care for the environment, employees and customers, good governance and other sustainable solutions in regard to energy generation and trade. Latvenergo AS has received the highest overall assessment in the history of its operations: 97.2%

The year 2017 passed in the Group under the sign of change and modernization, and this was one of the years when the positive interaction of Latvenergo and the environment was most expressed. The upgrading of generation facilities, the environment and the relations with employees are the cornerstones of sustainability, which will ensure the Group’s growth in the future as well. The reconstruction of the Daugava HPPs continues, and in the years to come it will allow for generating more electricity from the amount of water used. New and ongoing environmental protection projects are underway, reducing both the impact of economic activities and encouraging the engagement of employees and the public. The challenge is theoperational efficiency and digitisation programme that will contribute to savings in the long run, while delivering a consistently high level of services and even improving it.

Latvenergo AS has participated in the Sustainability Index since 2010. The company was awarded the Silver ranking in 2010 and 2011, the Gold ranking in 2012 and the Platinum ranking from 2013 to 2018. In 2018, Latvenergo AS has received the highest overall assessment in the history of its operations: 97.2%


Additional information:
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Group Treasurer
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