llvija Boreiko joins the Management Board of Latvenergo AS

The Supervisory Board of Latvenergo AS appointed Ilvija Boreiko as a member of the company’s Management Board, who will start her duties on 26 January this year and hold this position until the appointment of a permanent Management Board Member. The Management Board of Latvenergo AS is composed of the following persons – Chairman of the Management Board of Latvenergo AS Mārtiņš Čakste, Management Board Members Ilvija Boreiko, Dmitrijs Juskovecs, Guntars Baļčūns, and Harijs Teteris.

Ilvija Boreiko, Chief Development Officer of Latvenergo AS, meets the criteria of professionalism and competence required for the respective candidate for the position and will perform the duties of Management Board Member until the Supervisory Board elects a permanent Management Board Member in accordance with the nomination procedure set out in the Law on Governance of Capital Shares of a Public Person and Capital Companies. An open call for the position of Management Board Member was launched on 9 January 2024 and closed on 26 January.

Ilvija Boreiko holds a Social Sciences Master’s degrees in Law, Business Administration and Labour Protection from Riga Technical University and the University of Latvia. Ilvija Boreiko has gained significant experience in Latvenergo AS since 2001, serving as Chief Development Officer of Latvenergo AS from 2023. Previously, from 2001 to 2022, under the leadership of Ilvija Boreiko, significant projects of Latvenergo’s power plants were implemented – the establishment of a heat storage system at CHPP-2, the reconstruction projects of the hydropower units of the Daugava HPPs, the reconstruction project of the gate of the water spillway of Ķegums HPP, the reconstruction programme of auxiliary equipment of CHPP-2 within the framework of the CHPP-2 reconstruction project, the Aiviekste HPP reconstruction project, as well as the project for reconstruction of the upstream penstock concrete slope of Riga HPP. From August 2022 to November 2023, Ilvija Boreiko was also Chairperson of the Management Board of Latvijas vēja parki SIA.

Latvenergo Group’s strategy for 2022–2026 foresees a significant increase in the Group’s RES generation capacity, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and contributing to Latvia’s climate neutrality by 2050. Thus, as a Management Board Member of Latvenergo AS with expertise in development issues, the responsibility lies with the Group’s growth in new segments of the electricity market – wind and solar park development, electromobility services and future power generation projects.